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My name is Joshua Carr, I’m 56 and I live in Minnesota with my wife Kelly, who I love more than anything in the world.

We’ve been married for 30 years and we’re still going strong. The only thing I love almost as much as my wife is my job.

For the last 32 years, I’ve been working as a neuroscientist in a private lab and I’m

proud to say that my research has been helping thousands of people all across America.

Along with my international team of scientists, we have recently discovered a new machine

learning method that helps determine which medications might be useful in treating anxiety,


We’re still in testing stages but I’m very hopeful. When I’m not in the lab, I teach neuroscience and neurobiology at one of Minnesota's most prestigious universities. I can’t even describe how much I love what I do - I like to think that I contribute to the future both in my teaching and in my research.

But nothing really compares to the feeling I got every day when I came home from work

and was greeted by my lovely wife. We’d stay up in the late hours of the night, talking about sweet nothings.

You can imagine the heartbreak and hopelessness I felt when my wife’s behavior and mood started to change all of a sudden and…

Her Mind Began to Slip It started small, with her going into a room and forgetting while she was there or confusing our grandkids’ names.

We brushed it off at first because forgetting certain things happens to the youngest of us. Then, she realized that for the first time in her life, she needed grocery lists and

daily to-do lists. And despite all my knowledge of the brain, I was so hopeful it was just a phase that

I turned a blind eye when I should’ve seen the signs. However, my alarm bells went off when, one night, she got lost in the Target parking lot.

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